Alirio Romero - Green Card Voices

Alirio Romero

Born in Machiques, Venezuela, Alirio Romera remembers that his home was a beautiful, mountainous town where his family owned a dairy farm. His mother was an elementary school teacher. Alirio loves looking back on the time he lived so close to extended family members in a lovely part of Venezuela.

In 2013, however, the Venezuelen government took away the family farm. Crime rates were rising, it was hard to find food–his home had become a difficult and dangerous place to live. His parents wanted their children to live in a safe place and be able to receive a good education. They decided to move to Wisconsin, where he had an aunt living.

Adjusting to life in Wisconsin was difficult for Alirio when he first arrived because he missed his memories of Venezuela. He quickly adapted. Now, he is active with friends in the Latino Music Club and plays the clarinet in the Wisconsin Philharmonic Orchestra. He is interested in civil engineering but also music and math. He knows he will seek a calm life one where he can share the joy of music with others.