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Bibi Sadeeqa Sulaimankhel

Despite her family’s financial struggles, Bibi Sadeeqa Sulaimankhel continues to adjust to her new life in America. Her family feels smaller here than in her home country because she had more extended family around her than she does in the US.  Family and religion are the two most important aspects of her life. Even though she misses her family, Bibi finds enjoyment in playing with dogs, listening to music, and watching Hindi dramas.

Bibi’s two brothers and sister are getting married soon, and she is excited. All of their new spouses live in Pakistan. She hopes that she can return to Pakistan for their weddings, as she misses being with them a great deal.

Though she loves Pakistan, Bibi is making new connections and finding activities in America. She really likes her teachers will go to them to talk about her feelings. Her favorite subject is math. Bibi is considering nursing as a career or possibly joining the army. She would also like to learn more languages like Farsi and Spanish.