Danet Riteuo - Green Card Voices

Danet Riteuo

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Micronesian Chuuk

Current: O’ahu, Hawai’i

Danet Riteuo was born on an island called Tonowas in Micronesian Chuuk. She lived with her family until she was ten years old. Her father became sick and asked for her and the rest of her family to move to Hawai‘i to be with him. Her father had moved to Hawai‘i years earlier for work. 

Through many boat rides between islands, she and her family would arrive on the island of Weno and board a plane to Hawai‘i. This was her first time flying so she was nervous. She and her family stayed on the plane during the layover because the flying experience was new to them and they did not want to miss the flight taking off.  

Arriving on the island came with challenges and new experiences. Tall buildings and lots of cars on large highways were different from her homeland. She was nervous about going out on the island because of her lack of English. She had to attend school and was put into sixth grade instead of fifth; this made things more challenging for her. 

She was in Hawai‘i when the COVID-19 pandemic began and she had a difficult time adjusting to learning through Zoom. She found it difficult to focus when learning online and was happy with staying inside. 

Danet is currently attending Waipahu High School and is close to graduating. She wants to finish high school so she can attend college. She also holds a part-time job that keeps her busy when she is not studying or in classes. She feels this is a way to focus on herself. She wants to study nursing so she can help people, especially those in her homeland. She knows that her homeland lacks the proper medical care and wants to help those who need it.