Dorette Nguelefack - Green Card Voices

Dorette Nguelefack

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Cameroon 

Current: Minneapolis, MN 

When Dorette Nguelefack had an accident in her native Cameroon, her experience in the hospital had a profound impact on her. From that moment, she decided to become a nurse.

Dorette was born in Douala, the largest city in Cameroon. Monday through Saturday, she walked an hour to get to school and an hour to return home. Aside from her schoolwork, Dorette regularly visited the library. When she was seventeen, she received a visa sponsored by her aunt who had immigrated to the United States several years earlier. Looking forward to her new life, Dorette got on a plane with her family.

Arriving in 2015, it took Dorette some time to adjust to American life. The biggest obstacle she faced was the language barrier. She didn’t speak any English, and French-speaking Americans were hard to find. Dorette was astonished by how different American food and cities were.

Currently, Dorette is a student at Wellstone International High School. In the mornings, she takes classes at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. After school, she works as a cashier and visits her local library. After graduating from high school, Dorette wants to become a nurse so she can help others.