Fadumo Yusuf - Green Card Voices

Fadumo Yusuf

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Country of Birth: Ethiopia     Current: Minneapolis, MN

“There were a lot of opportunities [and] challenges. The idea that I could become anything I wanted to was mind-boggling to me. The idea that there are scholarships out there that are specifically tailored to help people that might not be able to afford school was incredible.”

Born in Ethiopia, Fadumo spent much of her childhood looking forward to school and pursuing activities that allowed her to indulge in her curious side. In eighth grade, she learned that her family was moving to the United States; while her family was excited for the move, Fadumo spent most of the time concerned about continuing her education. They arrived in June, and she continually inquired about the opportunity to get back into a classroom. Once she finally started high school, one of Fadumo’s teachers took a special interest in helping her shape her professional pursuits. She invited Fadumo to join the Invention Club at school, which opened Fadumo’s eyes to the world of medical devices. 

Fadumo grew passionate about creating medical devices, so she decided to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. Now she works as a product/process development engineer, helping to bridge the gap between the researching and developing components of the medical device process. She loves working in this role because it allows her to help new technologies reach the general public and ideas actually turn into real, life-changing devices in peoples’ lives. 

Additionally, she shares her story with her community by mentoring young students and giving speeches at schools about opportunities and resources to become successful in the STEM field. Fadumo takes great pride in storytelling, something that has been ever-present throughout her life. Because of this, she continues to share her thoughts and ideas through poetry, blog-writing, and even short story submissions to local children’s programming. Though she has overcome many challenges in life, she passionately believes in embracing yourself for the person you are and living your own identity to its fullest.