Farhat Sadat - Green Card Voices

Farhat Sadat

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan        Current: Atlanta, GA

“Coming here to America saved my family and me. I don’t have to live in a bad situation anymore. My life is very good here.”

For Farhat Sadat, saying goodbye to her family in Afghanistan was no easy task. She had to leave everything behind to start a new life in America.

Farhat was born in Afghanistan and grew up there with her six siblings. In 2006, his father moved to America in order to better support the family. Life in Afghanistan was challenging. She did not have access to a good school; there was constant fighting in the region; in addition, as a woman, she had very few rights.

In October of 2016, Farhat and her siblings took a plan to the United States to join her father in Atlanta. When she first arrived, everything was new and different. Fortunately, Farhat was able to rely on her case manager to help her adjust to her new life. Since she didn’t speak English when she first arrived, Farhat was very scared when it came time to start school. After her first day, she went home and cried.

With help from her teachers and new friends, Farhat has improved her English and started to feel comfortable in the United States. While she misses the food in Afghanistan, she has become quite partial to pizza. After school, Farhat spends extra time studying English to further improve her skills. She hopes to become an accountant and contribute to her community in Afghanistan.