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Jennifer Erraez

When Jennifer Erraez left her home of Ecuador, she said goodbye to her family and friends. It was difficult to leave her entire life behind and begin anew in Minnesota.

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, Jennifer loved growing up in her home country. She was surrounded by a large group of close friends and family. Her relatives would host elaborate parties together and dance the night away. In her own words, her life was “beautiful.”

When her parents told her they would be moving to the United States, Jennifer was in shock. She didn’t want to leave all her friends and family, especially her cousins. The day Jennifer left Ecuador was also her sister’s birthday; it was a bittersweet occasion. After saying goodbye to her family, she got on a plane to Minneapolis.

Jennifer arrived in 2013 and had a very difficult time transitioning. She didn’t speak any English, hated the frigid temperatures, and struggled to adjust to the vast cultural differences she encountered. In time, she learned the language and started going to school. Currently, Jennifer is a student at Wellstone International High School. After graduating, she hopes to continue on to college and provide a good life for her daughter.