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Jennifer Nunez Paz

Getting to the United States was an arduous and trying time for Jennifer Nuñez Paz. Like many immigrants, her journey was not easy.

Jennifer was born in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Her mother moved to the United States when Jennifer was a year old, leaving her in the care of her grandparents. She loved the vibrant culture, community, and geography of Honduras. Her mother returned to Honduras when she was fourteen; she wanted to bring Jennifer to live with her in the United States. Just like that, Jennifer left her home country.

For four days, Jennifer traveled through Central America on foot and by bus. She reached Texas and was held by Immigration officers for another six days. After that, she was able to move to Minnesota with her mother. Acclimating to her new life wasn’t any easier. Jennifer missed everything about Honduras and felt alone in a strange place.

Life became easier when Jennifer started classes at Wellstone International High School. She was happy to be around so many people with similar life experiences. After school, Jennifer likes to play soccer and volleyball. She hopes to graduate from college and become an interior designer, photographer, or dentist back home in Honduras