Mayuli Bales - Green Card Voices

Mayuli Bales

Occupation: Director of Office of Multicultural Ministries 

Country of Birth: Mexico 

Current: St. Cloud, MN

“What I do is not going to be reflected in just me and my family, but in my whole community.”

Growing up, Mayuli Bales witness her father face discrimination because of his indigenous heritage. Her personal experiences have taught her that all people are created equal. 

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Ms. Bales was the only daughter in a family of seven. She learned at a young age that others tried to limit her opportunities because of her gender, and she fought against this way of thinking. Mayuli earned enough money to put herself through school and eventually became an elementary school teacher. 

Ms. Bales started teaching in a poor school in the mountains of Mexico. To supplement her income, she also taught at a school for foreign students, teaching pupils from all over the world. During that time, she met her husband, started a family, and moved to the United States. 

Leaving her relatives and culture in Mexico behind, Ms. Bales started her new life in a new country. She suddenly found herself in an environment where she didn’t look like the people around her; it was quite a shock. Currently, Ms. Bales is the director of the Office of Multicultural Ministries of the Diocese of Saint Cloud. She is also a board member for local organizations and is active in many community groups.