Milika Huahulu - Green Card Voices

Milika Huahulu

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Tonga

Current: O’ahu, Hawai’i

“If I ever had the chance to go back to Tonga, I would share my knowledge of health and the medical care that I learned in America.”

Milika Huahulu was born and raised on the friendly island of Tonga. She lived in a loving home, filled with unforgettable memories. As a family, they would go to the beach to catch fish and eat together.

When Mililka was eleven years old, she and her mother flew to Fiji. She thought it would be a vacation trip as it was her first time on an airplane, but  her mother later told her that they would be interviewed to move to Hawai‘i. Milika’s uncle had filed papers requesting that Malika and her mother join him in Hawai‘i.

At first, Milika felt excited to move to America because of the high expectations she had. She believes that in America there are a lot of job opportunities. About a month later, when she was twelve years old, in the year 2019, Milika and her mother were approved to move to Hawai‘i. 

Milika felt sad as she would no longer be with the family she grew up with. Upon arrival, she noticed how different the lifestyle was in Hawai‘i and how different it looks compared to Tonga. Milika had to face the challenge of being in a new school. She describes how difficult the language barrier was to communicate with her classmates and there were no Tongan speakers. As time passed, she grew familiar with the environment and language. Milika’s confidence grew to be able to communicate with her teachers and classmates.

Milika is now a junior in Waipahu High School, in the career pathway of diagnostic services. She is determined to work in the health field to help others, especially the people of Tonga where she wants to share her knowledge about health. Milika takes early college classes after school and is a part of different school activities like the Hawai‘ian and Filipino American Club, as well as being a Science Olympian.