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Moo Eh Paw

Leaving Thailand was difficult for Moo Eh Paw because she had to leave behind her brother and so many of her friends, but she now has many Karen friends in Wisconsin and does not miss Thailand as much as she once did.

Though Moo Eh Paw was born in Burma, when she was about five or six years old, she and her parents moved to a refugee camp in Thailand to escape the terrorism that the Karen people were facing at the time. In the refugee camp Moo Eh Paw attended school where she affirmed that she loved to learn. She also enjoyed watching movies and playing games with her family. Moo Eh Paw has three brothers and a little sister.

Moo Eh Paw lived in the refugee camps for about ten years before her parents decided to move to the US. They wanted her and her siblings to receive an excellent and affordable education. Unfortunately, her brother decided to stay behind with his wife. She misses him very much. He still lives in a refugee camp.

Moo Eh Paw struggled with the move initially because of the many differences between Thailand and Milwaukee, especially the food and the weather. Moo Eh Paw is now in twelfth grade. English is her favorite subject, and she hopes to learn other languages, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. She hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and pursue a degree in social work. She desires to use her degree to help others.