Safiya Ahmed - Green Card Voices

Safiya Ahmed

Like many refugees, Safiya Ahmed has lived in many places. Since moving to Minnesota with her family, her life has never been better.

Safiya was born in Kenya and spent most of her early life in a refugee camp in Kakuma. She lived there with her family, but she hoped to move to the United States someday. Safiya got her wish when her family was selected for resettlement. She got on a plane in Kenya and landed in Atlanta, Georgia.

When she first arrived in the United States, Safiya felt afraid. She got lost in the airport and was overwhelmed by the masses of people speaking a language she couldn’t understand. Everything was completely new to her. Shortly afterwards, Safiya moved once again—to Minneapolis.

Safiya felt very comfortable in Minneapolis. Several of her extended relatives were living there, and she was very happy to see them. She started a new school and made many friends. Life was good. Currently, Safiya goes to Wellstone International High School. After classes, she likes playing soccer and spending time with her friends. She hopes to continue on to college after completing high school and would like to help provide a good life for her family.