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Zamzam Shukri

When she first arrived in Minnesota, Zamzam was in shock. From the people to the buildings, everything was completely different.

Zamzam was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. When she was three years old, she migrated to Ethiopia to escape the violence of the Somali Civil War. She became a refugee and lived in a camp with her family. Zamzam’s mother was selected for resettlement to Minnesota. Several years later, she was able to sponsor Zamzam for her visa as well.

When Zamzam arrived in the United States, everything was new to her. She didn’t understand how to navigate the bus system, the different customs of the American people, or the English language. Despite the initial hardships, she was glad to be reunited with her mother and surrounded by a large Somali community.

Since then, Zamzam has adapted to life in the United States. She is a student at Wellstone International High School in Minneapolis. When she’s not doing homework, she visits her local library, helps her mother around the house, and provides home care for her brother. When she finishes school, Zamzam wants to become a teacher and return to her home country.