Co-Leadership Model - Green Card Voices
Tea Rozman
Executive Director
Aaliyah Hannah
Finance and Operations Director

Effective September 1, 2020, Green Card Voices had made a leadership change and moved into a Co-leadership model with Tea Rozman as Executive Director and Aaliyah Hannah as Finance and Operations Director. Building equity internally extends to organization-wide practices such as accountability, autonomy, initiative, reporting to the Board, and compensation and benefits.

We at Green Card Voices believe that internal leadership composition and structure are directly linked to external impact. Because of our work around elevating the voices of immigrant communities, we are very much aware of the conscious, responsible use of power, and the need to shift our organizations’ internal practice behavior and culture to reflect the world that we are committed to creating.

Since the founding of Green Card Voices, we were intentionally committed to diversity and have recently come to realize that our internal structure did not reflect our values. Pivoting into a Co-leadership Model demanded a rethinking of the usual hierarchy found in white, male-dominated organizations. So here we are!

We are excited that many other organizations are unpacking and distributing the single executive role in a way that best fits each particular organization and the community they serve. Learn more about our Principles for Co-Leadership and reach us at info@greencardvoices.org if you want to chat!

Presently, the lens Green Card Voices is leading from operates in a renewed way, committed to collaborative and collective full transparency and diverse representation, including shared principles, motivations, and aspirations for sharing power across the organization’s leadership team.

As a board, we could not be more proud, energized and inspired by the bold new direction for our organization that the co-leadership model provides. We applaud our team for challenging themselves to grow and embody our mission in this bold and innovative way.