Certified Story Stitch Facilitators - Green Card Voices

To meet the increased demand for facilitated Story Stitch Circles, Green Card Voices developed a course and began certifying Story Stitch Facilitators in the fall of 2019. To date a total of 130 people received their Story Stitch facilitation certification through Green Card Voices.

Where do our Facilitators come from?

Facilitators come from a variety of cities and states including:

  • California – Los Angeles
  • Florida – Jacksonville
  • Georgia – Watkinsville
  • Massachusetts – Boston
  • Minnesota – Austin, Faribault, Hopkins, Minneapolis, Saint Cloud, Saint Paul
  • New York – Queens
  • Oregon – Portland
  • Wisconsin – Appleton, Clintonville, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee

Facilitators come from the following countries:

  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • United States of America

They also come from diverse professions including:

Educators, leaders of nonprofit, artists, attorneys, counselors, writers, branding specialists, program coordinators, storytellers, ministers, data analysts, farmers, psychologists, managers, college students, human rights workers, interpreters, singers, business owners, child care providers youth development specialists, translators, publishers, directors, consultants, human resources coordinators, customer service representatives, and more!

Exclusive Story Stitch Facilitators' Facebook Group

This private Facebook group provides a forum for Story Stitch Facilitators to connect and share their experiences and expertise with one another.

In this way facilitators can share the impact their Story Stitch Circles have had on their participants, learn from the experiences of other facilitators, and tap into the thought leadership of their peers around key aspects of effective facilitation.

Facebook Group Community Agreements:

  • We believe in social justice, equity, and undoing institutional and systemic racism.
  • We come to this group to give and receive support, ideas, and encouragement.
  • We agree to maintain confidentiality of Story Stitch participants while supporting one another around facilitation scenarios in a manner that honors keeping confidentiality of individuals intact.

Frequently Asked Questions

The e-course takes approximately 5 hours to complete. After completing the course, you are required to facilitate a Story Stitch circle which would take an additional 1.5-2 hours.

Throughout the e-course there are a few multiple choice quizzes to test your understanding of the modules. In order to move forward in the course, you have to answer the questions correctly. In order to become officially certified in the end, you have to facilitate a Story Stitch circle of your own.

Yes! Once you become certified, you will be added to the list, unless you notify us that you do not wish to be, and the list will be shared with you.

Yes. Once you become officially certified, you will be added to the list.

That’s okay! It is not a requirement to be on the roster, so just inform us that you do not wish to be added.

Once you become certified, you will have the tools to facilitate both virtual and in-person Story Stitch circles so you have the freedom to hold them where and when you wish to.

It is strongly encouraged that each time you facilitate you fill out a Google form to let us know. This way, we have a better understanding of where and how Story Stitch and your skills as a facilitator are being used.