Story Stitch: The Printable Deck - Green Card Voices

As the world continues to experience the movement of people on an unprecedented scale, the need for cultural empathy and understanding between people becomes ever more important. Communities, businesses, and families need tools to create safe and brave spaces to share stories and develop dialogue. 

After many thousands of brave, empathetic conversations, Green Card Voices is now releasing Story Stitch: The Printable Deck. We want to put this story sharing game into even more hands, faster, and in many different languages, so people can share their stories most authentically.

Story Stitch: The Printable Deck provides an affordable, on-demand way to make the Story Stitch conversation card game available to people worldwide. The printable format provides users with a quick and easy way to access multilingual versions of the game as well as an easy “do-it-yourself” way to print and create multiple Story Stitch card decks. 

Each purchase of Story Stitch: The Printable Deck provides: 

  • About Story Stitch: The Printable Deck
  • Story Stitch: The Printable Deck Cards
  • How to Play Instruction Sheet
  • Printing Guidelines