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Opportunities - Green Card Voices
 Interested parties are encouraged to apply by sending a resume and cover letter to

Volunteers are a crucial part of our organization. Working as one team, we combine skills and experiences to create positive change. Offer your skills and experience to help enhanced our organizations cause.

Once a month: You can be part of our exhibit team! We need a regular pool of volunteers to help coordinate the set up and breakdown of exhibits at various locations like schools, libraries, and public spaces. The exhibits have collapsable and are stored in bags, weighing approximately two pounds. You can also assist with mailing orders of our books, story stitch decks, etc weekly for one to two hours!

One month in Spring 2021: We are always adding to our Gala volunteer team! We need volunteers to help set up and run our annual fundraising Gala. Additionally, if you have any expertise in videography, photography, or event management, your skills could be used at this event. It’s going to be a fun night, and we need the help of supporters like you to make sure it goes smoothly.

We offer volunteer hours for credit for students as well.

For more information, contact

Transcribing: For every book project we work on, we use a transcribing program with remote volunteers to transcribe stories. Each story takes approximately 2 hours to transcribe.

Social Media: Are you interested in Marketing/Communications? A Social Media wiz? We need remote volunteers to help with posting on all of our profiles.

We offer volunteer hours for credit for students as well.

For more information, please contact

Thank You

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