Abdul Khail - Green Card Voices

Abdul Khail

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: St.Paul, MN

“When the interpreter came to us, things got easier. He supported us, told us it was normal to have a hard time moving to a new country, and explained that as time passed, […] things would get easier.”

Abdul Khail was born in Nangarhar and is Pashai. 

Abdul Khail went to school until the fifth grade, but preferred to learn a skill that would help him make a living. He doesn’t know why he’s more into school now, but he never had the chance to return to school once the Taliban returned to power.

On the day the Taliban took Nangarhar, Abdul Khail was working in the shop as usual when his father called him, urging him and the rest of the family to reunite in Kabul. 

With his father’s coaching, Abudl Khail and his family managed to mislead the Taliban and arrive safely in Kabul, where they spent two nights with relatives before finally making it to the airport and leaving Afghanistan.

After many camps, months, and flights, Abdul Khail and his family finally arrived in Minnesota.

Abdul Khail says there are many differences between Afghanistan and the US, especially in the language. When he first arrived, registered for school, and started taking classes, Abdul Khail was initially confused when somebody talked to him because he didn’t understand what they were saying. But things got more manageable when the interpreter came to support him and his Afghan peers. With the interpreter’s support and wisdom, Abdul Khail and his classmates learned how to live their new lives here.

Abdul Khail wishes for all Afghans to have access to education so they can pursue their dreams. In the future, Abdul Khail wants to be an engineer or a doctor.