Aksum & Tsion Woldeyes - Green Card Voices

Aksum & Tsion Woldeyes

Twin sisters Aksum and Tsion Woldeyes have experienced many changes in their lives. Through all this, they have always been able to rely on each other for support.

Aksum and Tsion were born and raised in Gondar, a city in northern Ethiopia. They lived with their mother and nine siblings; their father immigrated to Kenya and—eventually—to the United States. After earning his residency, their father started to sponsor visas for the rest of the family to join him in America.

When Aksum and Tsion were chosen for sponsorship, they went to the embassy in the capital city: Addis Ababa. Their visas were approved, but they had to leave the country without saying goodbye to their mother and brother. Despite this, they looked forward to seeing their father again. With mixed emotions, Aksum and Tsion boarded a plane to Minneapolis.

Knowing very little English, it took Aksum and Tsion time to acclimate to their new lives. They started classes at Wellstone International High School, improved their language skills, and made several new friends. In addition to their high school workload, they take classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. In the future, Aksum and Tsion both intend on graduating from college, finding a career in the medical field, and returning to help others in Ethiopia.