Asadullah - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: Minneapolis, MN

Asadullah’s family lived in a small village outside Khōst in the country’s southeastern part. There Asadullah and his siblings went to school. They grew up surrounded by many people and many animals. He remembers that they had fifteen chickens, three pigeons, three cows, two dogs—one big dog and one puppy. In his free time, he would play cricket and soccer. 

When the Taliban took over, Asadullah’s father was in Kabul and stayed there for five days until the rest of the family met him. Some of Asadullah’s relatives came with them to Kabul but couldn’t come to the US because their children were older than eighteen.

When Asadullah came to Minnesota, It was the first time he and his family had to speak English. But with the support of his family’s case manager, they were shown important things like health clinic, how to work things in the house that were new to them and provided she them toiletries. Although at first no one in his family spoke any English, Asadullah and his family are learning a lot and dedicating a lot of time to learning.

Since resettling, Asadullah and his family now live near a lake. He says he likes the lake and the neighborhood; they have good neighbors. There even are  a few Afghan families living nearby. Sometimes his family and the other Afghan families visit each other and make special Afghan food called dandakai. Asadullah and his family have celebrated Eid twice in the US already.

Asadullah still really likes cricket and soccer, and hopes to be a doctor in the future.