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Dickshya Gurung

Growing up, life in India with her mother and stepdad was difficult for Dickshya Gurung. She had to stop going to school when she was ten years old in order to take care of her younger siblings. In addition, her mother and stepdad were not kind to her. Then, she learned that her father wanted her to come and live with him.

She first moved to Nepal with her father where she was embraced by a stepmother and sister. Dickshya was able to attend school again. At first she was so far behind and had to work hard to catch up to others her age, but she quickly found that loved school and did well.

When her family decided to move to the US, it was difficult for her at first. It was very cold when she got to Madison, and her English was not strong. Her sister and brother-in-law were very helpful. They welcomed her family into their home and took her shopping to help her to learn about America. She has adjusted and now knows English well.

Dickshya is very active in her church and leads youth groups in community outreach programs. She loves to sing. Helping others is one of her passions. She desires first to become a certified nursing assistant and later go to college to become a nurse.