Hamidi - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: Minneapolis, MN

Although born in Kunar, Hamidi lived in Nangarhar when the Taliban returned. His family had a life, and he had school and friends, which they had to leave behind when they were forced to leave Afghanistan. Hamidi and his family traveled to Kabul three days before their flight. On the fourth day, at 2:30 am, they attempted to enter the airport. 

The experience of fleeing Afghanistan was harrowing, and he doesn’t want anybody to experience a similar situation. Hamidi remembers how he felt terrible for the people outside, trying to enter the base, but they couldn’t get inside the airport. Some were wounded, others lost their shoes, or they lost their kids . . . it was an awful situation. After spending time in various camps, Hamidi and his family were able to come to Minnesota.

Initially, living in their new house was somewhat difficult because Hamidi’s family were still new to this country, but now things are better. Hamidi misses his family members who are still in Afghanistan or spread out throughout the US.

Hamidi wants every country to have peace and to ensure a safe situation for their people. In the future, Hamidi aspires to be a doctor. He feels his life in the US is going well.  He is going to a good school. His father has a good job, and a good home. They even have a family friend that helps them. Hamidi and his family are glad that they are in Minnesota.