Hashmatullah - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: St. Paul, MN

Hashmatullah enjoyed the life he and his family lived in Kabul with its high security, no war, and kind neighbors. 

After going to school for about four years, Hasmstullah received many certificates and diplomas for passing his English courses successfully. Because of this success, Hasmatullah taught English for one and a half years at another English institute. The day the Taliban rose to power, Hasmatullah was on his way back home from the institute and saw some of the Taliban stopping the people wearing jeans or pants instead of local Afghan clothes. One of them stopped Hasmatullah, too, because he had worn pants as well. The Taliban challenged the importance of his English studies over Islamic studies to which Hasmatullah pushed back, and let them know that both had value. 

At the time he fled, Hasmatullah’s thoughts were mixed with hope and sadness. Hashmatullah shares how many Afghan people’s lives have been changed under the Taliban government. However, Hasmatullah allows himself to imagine his future in America, where he is sure he can have a brighter future than if he had stayed in Afghanistan under the Taliban government.

When Hasmatullah and his family finally came to Minnesota, they stayed in a hotel for three months. After transitioning into their family home, Hasmatullah and his family still faced many challenges. When his family bought a car, their lives started to improve.

In the future, Hashmatullah wants to be a police officer or an IT expert.