Lima - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: Minneapolis, MN

“We had cows, life was nice, and we had everything. Our village was our home. After the Taliban arrived so suddenly, and took over our village, they threw our lives into chaos.”

Lima says that life here is so different compared to Afghanistan. Back home, she had relatives that she visited all the time, many friends, and lived a happy life. Here in America, she goes to school, comes home to do some chores, and then she does her homework before going to sleep. Lima misses her big beautiful house back in Afghanistan. She says her home in Minnesota is like a box. 

Before the Taliban came, Lima’s favorite subjects were Pashto and science. Afterward, schools became dangerous places, and Lima could no longer attend. Lima’s village in Nangarhār was her home. After the Taliban arrived, her family’s lives felt chaotic. 

The journey to resettle in Minnesota was no small feat for Lima and her family. One of her brothers got separated from the family as they fled the country and ended up in Germany, while the rest of her siblings and parents came with her to America to start a new life together.

After landing in Minnesota, Lima and her family were put in a hotel, where they stayed for two months. Their case manager helped them find a home, register for classes, and resettle here. Although things are good here, Lima is still concerned about her family members who still live in Afghanistan and Germany.

In the future, Lima wants to be a doctor and do something to help her people. She aspires to become someone that can help people in need, like those that helped her and her family.