Nelab - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: St. Paul, MN

“Leaving Afghanistan without my parents was tough. I cried during our flight to Qatar. I was the youngest child in our family, so my parents spoiled me a lot. I missed them so much.”

Nelab is from a big family in Kabul and loved her life there. She would always hang out with her friends, and they’d watch movies or play Ludo together. She is still in touch with her old friends who are happy that she is living where she can access education and pursue her dreams. A dream they can’t access.

Leaving Afghanistan was tough for Nelab and her siblings, who were forced to flee without their parents. Their father was not feeling well, so he and her mother were not able to accompany them.

Nelab cried during her flight to Qatar. But after being reunited with her siblings, Nelab and her brother and sister  were able to all work together to bring their parents to Qatar and be reunited as a family.

Despite the many challenges and stops Nelab and her siblings faced on their journey to resettle in Minnesota, Nelab is very grateful for her new life here. 

Nelab feels her new life is excellent in the US and feels safe here. However, she worries about all the Afghan girls living in Afghanistan who won’t be able to pursue their hopes for their future under the Taliban regime. 

In the future, Nelab would like to be a heart surgeon because her father has had heart disease for a long time. She is thankful to the Qatari people and the Americans, who were very kind and helped her and her family. She hopes to return all of their kindness one day.