Osman - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: Minneapolis, MN

“On the day we found out we were leaving Afghanistan, we were full of emotions. We were very upset to have to leave because it was our country. We were born there,”

Born and raised in Kunar, Osman comes from a large and loving family that has ten members: four brothers, four sisters, a mother and father. The thing he misses most from his country is his extended  family, his old school, the food, his street, and the entire city. 

On the day they found out they would be leaving Afghanistan, Osman and his family were full of emotions. It was their country. They were born there, had traveled all over the country and were familiar with it. Osman and his relatives had been to Kabul, Nangarhār, and other provinces in the south and knew it really well. Because they knew that nothing would look or feel like their beloved country, it was hard to leave to face a new and different life.

When Osman and his family were driving towards the Kabul airport, Talibans were everywhere. After getting inside the airport and waiting a long time, they boarded their plane After spending time in various refugee camps, Osman and his family arrived to Minnesota. Here, they were greeted at the airport by their case manager and Osman’s uncle who had been living in Minnesota for the past 10 years.

Osman’s big hope is to become an engineer and someone important at a school, so he can help people like they helped him.