Samreen - Green Card Voices


Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Afghanistan

Current: Minneapolis, MN

“Tons of people, when they came to America, left behind their families and it was really painful for them. That’s why it’s a very big hope of mine that our country is peaceful again.”

Before coming to America, Samreen didn’t know where in the world  she and her family would be going because none of them worked  with the government or the Americans. When her brother won a scholarship from Rise, which is a scholarship for global winners, the Rise organization helped him come to the US, and then she learned that she and her family would be going too. They moved the next day, traversing Qatar, Albania, Washington D.C., and Virginia before finally arriving in Minnesota.

For Samreen, life between the US and Afghanistan is really different. The food, people, and cultures are different. In Afghanistan, for most girls, you wouldn’t be able to go outside without being accompanied. Here, you have the ability to do everything. Back in Afghanistan, Samreen had her whole immediate and extended family all living together very happily, but here it’s just her and her mother. 

Samreen misses the holidays they have in Islamic countries. Especially Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, which she and her family would always celebrate. She was living a beautiful and fulfilled life and was really happy. She didn’t think that the Taliban would come and that they would change the country  so drastically. 

Samreen now aspires to help the girls study and return to school so that their dreams can come true. It’s Samreen’s huge hope that her country will be peaceful again. Then she plans to  go back and have a good community and live a lovely and happy life there.