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Uk Lian Thawng

While the transition to a new country was difficult, Uk Lian Thawng found strength through his struggles. Uk Lian grew up in Burma; he is the oldest of four siblings. As a young child, his father had to move away from his family to Malaysia to find work, and he remembered missing him very much. His family moved to Malaysia to join his father later, and then after  five years they got to move to the United States.

In Michigan, Uk Lian lived in a small house where he shared a bedroom with his brother. The family moved several places in Michigan before settling in Milwaukee where he went to high school, played soccer, and made new friends.

Throughout high school, Uk Lian developed a passion for mechanical engineering. He plans to attend college at Milwaukee Area Technical College and become an auto-mechanic. He would then like to transfer to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to continue his studies. He likes to play video games with his friends and do things outside. Uk Lian has turned struggle into triumph despite the challenges posed by immigrating to America.