Immigrant Voices: A Graphic Novel Anthology

Project description:

Immigrant Voices: A Graphic Novel Anthology* will document and amplify the first person stories of 12 immigrants and refugees. These individuals live across the United States, in cities including Fargo, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, and are students, doctors, engineers, and artists. This project will detail their lives in their home countries and their reasons for leaving, document their journey to the US, and highlight their goals for the future.


About the publisher, Green Card Voices:

Green Card Voices is a Minneapolis-based, nonprofit publisher that records and shares first person narratives of America’s immigrants. Our dynamic, multimedia materials feature over 400 first person stories of individuals originally from over 120 countries who now reside in 7 states. Over one and a half a million people have experienced our content through exhibits, events, books, and curriculum.

Tom Kaczynski of Uncivilized Books will serve as a comics co-editor. Uncivilized Books is a publisher of award winning comics and graphic novels. Uncivilized Books will provide expertise in comics editing and logistics.


*This project is made possible in part by the Marbrook Foundation.