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Green Card Voices knows every immigrant has a story. In thinking about how to facilitate a dialogue that helps to replace bias and intolerance with understanding and acceptance, Green Card Voices came to a simple, yet profound, solution: Share as many immigrant stories with as many people as we can. So, please, help us record immigrants’ stories and impact our communities!

Giving by Mail

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Green Card Voices, 2611 1st Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55408

Thus far we’ve interviewed and recorded stories of over 420 immigrants from all walks of life. The immigrants come from 120 countries spanning over six continents. Our goal is to build the largest video library of immigrants’ stories in America in the years to come. We ask for your help to fulfill the promise of Green Card Voices. We are confident that with your support, Green Card Voices will succeed in reframing the national dialogue surrounding immigration. THANK YOU!

You may designate your donation for:

  1. Where the need is greatest
  2. Filming new stories (you may suggest a nationality, gender, age)
  3. Recording student stories in a city of your choice
  4. Publishing costs for new “Green Card Youth Voices”
  5. Traveling Photo Exhibit in the libraries
  6. School Curriculum

Current highest funding need: Laptop