Program and Tickets 2023 - Green Card Voices


When: May 18th, 2023 6:00 PM CST

Where: The International Institute of Minnesota, 1694 Como Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55108 (directions)

Green Card Voices is excited to announce our 11th Annual Gala: Becoming Neighbors, to be held at the International Institute of Minnesota in Saint Paul on May 18th from 6-9 PM. Join us for another year of celebrating the resilience and courage of immigrant storytellers.  

We celebrate and discuss our latest book, My City Was a Sparkling Jewel: Voices of Newcomer Youth from Afghanistan. This book is the newest installment in our youth voices series.  This book captures the journeys of 19 young men and 11 young women whose lives were radically disrupted after American troops pulled out of Afghanistan in August 2021. Contributors aged 15 to 20 come from diverse ethnicities, languages, and backgrounds. 

You will be served a delicious Persian dinner and treated to moving testimonies from our resilient storytellers speaking to the challenges faced, opportunities grasped, and dreams these youth hadand still havefor themselves and their families. Listen to a panel explaining the complicated process of creating a book about youth from many different ethnic groups, speaking various languages that all had to be translated into English. And last but not least, you’ll have a chance to play our famed card game, Story Stitch.

Dress to impress. Black tie optional.


6:00 pm — Check-in and Networking

6:45 pm — Dinner Program

Book Process Walk Through

Panel Discussion- Youth from Afghanistan and Partners

Story Stitch

8:30 pm Awards

8:45 Fund the Need

9 pm — Give-and-Receive Checkout


In 2018, Green Card Voices together with 70 community members co-created Story Stitch, a conversation card game. Our goal was to build deep connections between immigrants and their neighbors by telling stories, opening minds, and encouraging people to get to know one another. The hope is that this card game will foster deeper conversation, and generate a breakthrough on how immigrants are perceived, treated, and accepted.

Since the co-creation, as the want and need to connect with others in an authentic way has continued to grow, Story Stitch has evolved to fit the needs of the communities that need it. This intentional growth sparked the creation of the Story Stitch Facilitator training and it’s E-Course, and various translated versions of a Printable Deck and Virtual Story Stitch.

At the Gala, attendees will have the opportunity to exchange stories with new people from various backgrounds, including our new neighbors from Afghanistan.