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DELUXE: 50 E-Courses + 10 FREE (Total of 60)


Story Stitch E-Course DELUXE package includes 50 e-courses plus 10 extra complimentary e-courses and 60 complimentary Story Stitch decks for every 50 e-courses you buy (total 60 e-courses and 60 Story Stitch decks, total savings $2,130)

Green Card Voices Story Stitch Facilitator e-learning course prepares you to facilitate the Story Stitch conversation game both in-person and virtually. The e-course takes approximately 5 hours to complete. Lectures are made up of videos, demonstrations, practice activities, resources, and opportunities to test your knowledge. The e-learning course is accessed through Teachable, the top interactive platform for online courses and coaching services.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate from Green Card Voices, and gain access to our Facilitator Tool Kit. Participants who complete the Certification Activity will have their name added to the Certified Story Stitch Facilitator list on the Green Card Voices Website.

Modules include:

  • Welcome from Green Card Voices Executive Director
  • Introduction to Green Card Voices and the creation of Story Stitch
  • Conception components and philosophy behind Story Stitch
  • Story Stitch nuts and bolts—tools and best practices for playing the game
  • Role of the facilitator including how to manage difficult situations and lead a reflective discussion
  • Next steps, a review of the facilitator toolkit and best practices from experienced facilitators
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Testimonials from trained facilitators: 

“So grateful for the time and energy in sharing this powerful tool towards communities that need this. And the scholarship for BIPOC folks is really needed and appreciated. I definitely will give back onto this cause as it is dear to the art of storytelling and our communities’ traditions.” – Community Organizer (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

“I always love hands on experience.. and the instructions were well explained to have a great experience with it.” – Grassroots Organizer (Queens, New York)

“I think the presentation materials and multiple folks presenting were very effective! I also thought the pacing was excellent, especially as a virtual training!” – Social Worker (Los Angeles, California)

“Overall the training was effective. Playing the game is helpful. As a visual learner the videos were also very impactful.” – Equity and Inclusion Specialist (New Hope, Minnesota)


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