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Green Card Voices, the Podcast features first-person narratives of immigrants and refugees: stories of their upbringing, stories of coming to the United States, and stories of adjusting and thriving in their new home.

Founded in 2013, Green Card Voices (GCV) is a Minneapolis-based mixed-media nonprofit organization that builds bridges among immigrants and their communities through the art of storytelling. To date, Green Card Voices has recorded over 450 stories, told by immigrants and refugees coming from over 130 countries. Our programs are designed to foster empathy and build towards inclusive communities for all by acting as a counterweight to negative rhetoric and prevailing stereotypes about the current wave of immigration. By creating empathy for the immigrant experience, we generate a breakthrough in how immigrants are perceived, treated, and accepted, reducing bias and challenging the norms and systems that arise from systemic discrimination.

Thank you for supporting Green Card Voices and our mission to provide platforms for immigrant and refugee storytellers! We’re grateful to be in community with you.

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