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Attila Tari

Occupation: Client Account Advisor

Country of Birth: Hungary 

Current: San Jose, CA

Kseniya Tuchinskaya

Occupation: Job Coach

Country of Birth: Moldova 

Current: San Francisco, CA

Daisy Wong

Occupation: Founder

Country of Birth: Myanmar 

Current: San Francisco, CA

Gretchen Rodriguez

Occupation: Campaign Manager

Country of Birth: Cuba 

Current: San Francisco, CA

Cecily Victor

Occupation: Sr. Associate, Outreach and Mentor Management

Country of Birth: India 

Current: Richmond, CA

Mary Patricia Solis

Occupation: Development Services Specialist

Country of Birth: Colombia 

Current: San Francisco, CA

Michael Madayag

Occupation: Field and Event Rep

Country of Birth: Philippines 

Current: Fremont, CA

Pavel Lagutin

Occupation: Product Manager

Country of Birth: Russia 

Current: San Francisco, CA

Eli Lara Silva

Occupation: Artist, Sculptor

Country of Birth: Mexico 

Current: St. Paul, MN

Tenzin Lhabu

Occupation: Student

Country of Birth: Nepal 

Current: Minneapolis, MN