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Green Card STEM Voices: Teaching Guide (3 Lessons)


This unique teaching guide utilizes the perspectives of modern-day immigrants from Africa and Asia. Our diverse storytellers demonstrate the wide range of occupations (chemist, medical researcher, nurse). It is authored by accomplished educators and curriculum developers-including first and second generation immigrants from Africa and Asia – who have added first-hand experiences of the immigration process to each lesson. In line with the National Common Core Standards, these lessons are perfectly suited for grades 6-12, as well as college age. All proceeds of sales will go towards recording new digital stories, furthering the mission of Green Card Voices.


  • 3 user-friendly lessons
  • 3 classroom activities
  • 3 GREEN CARD VOICES video stories
  • 3 Green Card Voices Essays
  • 4 ready to-use worksheets
  • 42 illustrated pages
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Each lesson will include:

1. Focus

2. Core Standards

3. Essential Question

4. Timeframe

5. Objectives

6. Materials

7. Instruction

8. Reflections/Notes


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