Green Card STEM Voices Lesson 1 – Fadumo Yusuf Story: How I Became a Mechanical Engineer


This unique teaching lesson utilizes the perspective of Fadumo Yusuf, an immigrant from Ethiopia who works in the STEM field as a Mechanical Engineer. In line with the National Common Core Standards, this lesson is perfectly suited for grades 6-12, as well as college age.


  • Students will use critical inquiry to interpret then reconstruct a story
  • Students will identify the pull and push factors of immigrants
  • Students will generate questions and formulate ideas about immigration

Essential Questions: 

  • How do people in the United States label others?
  • What are possible obstacles involved with the pursuit of the American dream?
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  • Identify and describe the challenges immigrants face
  • Recognize the struggles immigrants have
  • Name the roles immigrants play in the economy

Core Standards: 

I. Culture and Cultural Diversity

III. People, Places, and Environments

IV. Individual Development and Identity

VI. Poverty, Authority, and Governance

IX. Global Connections

Time Frame: 1-2 Periods

Grade Level: Grades 6-12, College Level


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